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Molly Ella is a boutique brand that is dedicated to carefully sourced and chosen ingredients and the value of hand crafting. A Molly Ella product doesn’t come from a production line and it isn’t shipped across the world from a factory. These hand poured and perfumed candles are produced by Molly with the utmost care, thought and consideration towards helping you to create the exact mood for your setting.


These are not cheap or mass produced candles – they are finely scented, well presented and designed for the home.

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Molly Ella candles is 100% owned by Molly – a striving student with excellent taste, artistic flair, and a passion for getting things just right.


Molly is devoted to the whole experience of delivering above the expectations of a customer – from packaging and presentation that is ideally suited to gift giving and generosity, to a candle that lights up your room with a fresh smell delivering you to a whole new world.


Molly knows that nothing is more evocative than the sense of smell – and combining this with the relaxation, feeling and luxury associated with the illumination of a beautiful candle – this is an act of alchemy and Molly is your alchemist.

"I've always loved creating and this business is my passion project. the whole idea of crafting and presenting something new that just works perfectly; of making something unique just the way that I like it – and knowing that I can send it off to a part of someone’s home... is an amazing feeling."                  

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