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The Process

A new found skill transformed into a business, but what does creating the right candle actually involve?

I've always loved candles, from being fascinated by the flame to enjoying the aroma that fills the room. Beginning to create candles at home gave me the freedom to craft candles suited to me and the aesthetics of my own environment. It was then that I realised I wanted to be able to do this for other people. I hope to expand into a personalised brand where you can choose the scent and colour of your candle to perfectly fit with your vibe.

“All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle”

But what is the process?

I begin by prepping each glass but polishing it and placing the chosen wick in the centre. Moving over to the wax, I weigh out the correct measurement of KeraSoy wax into the jug. I make each scent in batches of 25, splitting them into groups of 10 or 5 in order to work in my small space. Once the wax is melted to the correct temperature, I add the desired scent. Its then time to add a small pinch of coloured powder and watch as it blends and dissolves into a solid colour complementary to the aroma the candle will release.

It's then time for the pour: the most important part of the whole process. Each one is poured slowly and carefully so the hot wax can lay neatly to minimise the chances of sink holes. Once poured, I leave them to set, saving a small amount of wax to fix any imperfections that may have arisen while they solidify. After leaving them for 24 hours, I can be completely sure that they're set and then it's time to cut the wick to right length and you have your hand-crafted candle ready to be purchased and packaged.

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